No cost to register or participate

May 10th - 11th

Harness the power of Generative AI to create new and groundbreaking solutions

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

$15,000 USD Prize Pool

Prizes will be converted and paid out in local currency

The Hackathon

Join us in Riyadh on March 1st and 2nd for the NextGen II Hackathon! This event offers a unique opportunity to harness the cutting-edge power of Generative AI tools in the market to build practical projects for personal or professional purposes. Utilize Generative AI tools to optimize the rapid prototyping process or to develop groundbreaking solutions that enhance business productivity and enable data-driven decision-making. Once participants register and RSVP, we will share the event location details and all the information you will need to participate!

Participants are allowed to use any Generative AI tools at their disposal. During the hackathon, expert-level mentors will be on-site to help guide participants and encourage them to create the best possible solutions. At the end of day 2, teams will present their solutions to the judges and the winners will be announced on-site!

Please note that this will be an English speaking event, but we will have mentors that are fluent in Arabic that will be available both days on-site to help participants with their projects.


There are two challenges for the NextGen II Hackathon. Participants must select 1 challenge track and can only submit 1 project for the hackathon.

Challenge #1: Project AI: Unleashing Individual Creativity

Leverage the capabilities of OpenAI and Generative AI tools and develop an innovative application or tool for individual users. Your challenge is to create a solution that empowers individuals to bring their ideas to life, manage projects effectively, and gain insights to optimize their workflows.

Consider a broad spectrum of applications, from creative projects and hobbyist pursuits to personal development initiatives. Your tool should leverage Generative AI for more than just task management, offering features that enhance creativity, provide valuable insights, or assist in decision-making for a diverse range of individual projects.

Examples of the Types of Solutions we are looking for:

  • Customize and optimize LLMs (large language models) for personal use.
  • Applications that allow users to create their own solutions or assist them in decision-making with their own projects.
  • Knowledge management solutions that increase the efficiency of early prototyping stages such as summarizing meeting notes, increasing project management efficiencies, etc.

Challenge #2: NextGen AI for Business Applications

Develop a business application or tool for workflow automation utilizing the power of OpenAI that enables users to enhance productivity, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions to drive business growth. It's important to carefully consider how your tool can benefit businesses by saving time and resources across various departments, beyond just the development team. Think about how AI can take workflow automation to the next level.

In order to persuade businesses to integrate Generative AI into their daily operations, it's essential to present a compelling use case for your solution and explain the reasons for its adoption. In your 3-minute demo video, be sure to not only demonstrate how your solution works, but also emphasize its scalability and long-term benefits for the business.

Examples of the Types of Solutions we are looking for:

  • An AI-trained digital recruiter that is able to process resumés and provide the best recommendations
  • Automatic bookkeeping and data categorization
  • Summarize transcripts for a sales team, and automate the outbound process
  • Image, video, and content creation for marketing teams

Benefits of Participation

Benefit 1

Get to build a ground-breaking project with the help of experts and mentors in the Generative AI field.

Benefit 3

Attend hands-on workshops and demos on how to use the newest Generative AI tools.

Benefit 2

Compete for a piece of the $15,000+ prize pool.

Who Should Participate

Anyone with a technical background that is currently exploring and using generative AI is encouraged to participate!

Enterprise Developers

Data Scientists

AI/ML engineers

Generative AI software developers

Startups/Companies looking to use Generative AI in their current work.

Solo participation is allowed. Teams may be comprised of no more than 5 participants.


There is a $15,000 USD prize pool for the hackathon!

2nd Place

$3,000 USD

1st Place

$10,000 USD

3rd Place

$2,000 USD

Prizes will be converted and paid out in local currency

Judging Criteria

All projects will be scored using the following judging criteria on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest possible score per criteria.

Technical Execution

  • Does the solution effectively utilize the available technologies & resources?
  • How easy is your application to use?
  • How advanced is the prototype presented?


  • Is this a unique approach or new type of solution?
  • Is the solution differentiated from others already on the market?
  • Is the solution original and disruptive?

Impact/Business Potential

  • Will this solution have a far reach and market potential?
  • How helpful or useful would the solution be to impacted customers/users/communities/businesses/etc?
  • Can the solution scale over time to have a further reach?
  • Can success be measured?



1/18 - 2/20

2/20 - 2/28




Registration opens!

Registration is on going: RSVP info to be sent in February

RSVP info to be sent to participants: You must RSVP to secure your spot!

Pre-event webinar: Exact date TBD, the webinar will cover the challenges, rules, etc.

Hackathon Begins!

Hackathon ends: Winners to be announced on-site!

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